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I started this "shelf" layout July 2014, wanting to "maybe" complete it! The name Erie Plate Railroad sounded really good to me. The use of the NKP font also interested me. As passenger service declined, the NKP took over the service. Our crack passenger train was the "Route of the Spooky Saucer". Erie plate. Spooky saucer. Get it?

It is almost done…with a plan to expand it! The layout is made up of permanent modules that make expansion very easy. As the layout grew I found out I had built to many structures and did not have enough layout to use them! It is DC controlled with two cabs.

The railroad is being absorbed into the Nickel Plate Railroad which explains the NKP motive power seen everywhere. Even the lettering on the EPR uses the same font as the NKP.

EPR is based on the Cleveland, Ohio Train Avenue areas, the West 65th stockyards and the Northern Ohio Food terminal areas…VERY LOOSELY !

I made the areas based on my memories as a kid. Nothing is really correct, only the names of places that I used to represent those areas!

I used an Alexander Scale Models tower, that I named BE tower. The West 110th Street yards are just a name. It was a real yard for the NKP. I made tunnels that go into the Cleveland Terminal Tower. These really were under West 25th Street near Train Avenue. I have a single track going up the East 55th street ramp to the Northern Ohio Food Terminal areas. The stockyards are named after the Cleveland West 65th Street old stockyards. Its all fun!

Joe Kurilec, MMR®

IMAGE A. BE tower Area. IMAGE B. MOW supply shed. IMAGE C. Back of Cleveland companies. IMAGE D. Stockyard & ice house area. IMAGE E. West 25th Street Station. IMAGE F. West 110th Street yard office & yards.

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