John Witt MMR

HO Scale

The Copper Peninsula Railroad – aprox 15 x 17 HO Scale. is a fictitious HO Scale RR set in the time period 1890 to 1905. It is loosely based on the Mineral Ridge RR and the Quincy & Torch Lake RR near Hancock Michigan. Motive power consists of diminutive 4-4-0 Engines, Heislers and 0-6-0 ‘s lugging 34 and 36 foot cars thru mountainous scenery – from Mines and forests to the cities and car ferry. CPRR serves the– Quincy, Allouez, Arcadia, Ahmeek, & Mineral Ridge Mines plus the Central Mine in Eagle Harbor.

The CPRR tracks are on the Keweenaw Peninsula – in Michigan’s “UP”. Layout is 98% complete – Fully sceniced – and depicts the time when Copper was King in the UP. Trains run from Hancock – to Calumet – to Eagle Harbor – with outbound Copper ingots and lumber – and inbound machinery – and necessary items for the citizens

John completed Structures and Cars as part of his MMR and the layout features sscratch built structures and detailed wood kits – Campbell – Labelle – Alexander – most all are kitbashed to reduce their footprint.

Rolling stock is a mixture of hand-built kit boxcars – Labelle – Central Valley, Huff-N-Puff with a few scratch built – along with the Model Die Casting “Old Timer Series” cars. Engines are old AHM Genoa 4-4-0’s – Riverossi Heislers – along with Roundhouse and Bachmann 4-4-0’s . All the 0-6-0 were rebuilds. And DCC added – 3 have sound.

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