HO Scale

You are invited to tour an HO scale model railroad layout that depicts the Chessie System Railroad in mid-October 1985. The layout measures 31ft. by 35 ft.and is completely landscaped. There are two working coal mines where you load the empty cars with coal. One of the mines is accessed by the use of a switchback. The loaded hoppers are taken to the Peach Creek marshalling yard where you may find the C&O 614 steam locomotive pulling a loaded coal train across the layout to Lorain, Ohio. The hoppers are pushed up to a scratch-built coal dumper and are prototypically raised up and dumped into a lake freighter, the Roger Blough.

Other trains service various industries on the layout including one that has live smoke that is totally safe to breath. Loads from a local grain elevator are combined with others in the large Willard Yard to form a unit grain train bound for the Pillsbury mill in Huron, Ohio. Visit Sugarcreek to see the Belden Brick plant being switched. This brick company has many scratch-built structures and was used by Walthers to create their CORNERSTONE series of the brick industry. There are 30 scratch-built, prototype accurate structures on this layout. The layout and trains have sound which is controlled by wireless NCE. Trains move using a car card system. Come join us for a visit back in time when "The Cat" ruled the rails.

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