Michael Rudder

HO Scale

The Baltimore & Ohio Akron Division layout is loosely based on locations including Ravenna, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron Hill Yard, Akron Junction, and Akron Union Station during the 1950's (Steam Transition). Built for operation, the mainline is a continuous loop with a double ended staging yard to represent New Castle on the eastern end and Willard on the western end. There is also a point to staging loop to represent the CT&V line to Cleveland. The 18' x 24' HO Scale layout features NCE wireless control. Turnouts are powered by servo motors controlled by Tam Valley Octo-8 boards or Arduino microcontrollers. Scenery is just starting in a few areas but the layout is operational, with operating sessions held every few months. Come see EM-1s, Q-4's Mikados (or MacArthurs as the railroad men called them), and first generation diesels lead freight and passenger trains across the Ohio flatlands (or sort of flat).

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